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Dr. Heaven changed my life! I went to her with chronic pain when I found out I was pregnant. I had previously sought relief with an orthopedist with no change. She immediately identified the issues and I am completely pain free! I had a relatively pain free pregnancy and since she helped keep me and my baby healthy - my labor was insanely short! My previous labors were around 15 hrs and my last baby was just under 4 hrs.  She has also helped my eldest child with sleep issues. Going to see Dr. Heaven is always a treat and something everyone in my family looks forward to.


I was recommended Dr. Heaven by a friend of ours, earlier this year. Our daycare provider had noticed a minor area on the back right of our sons head that was flatter than the other side. He was favoring the left when feeding from me, and was often refusing to eat laying on the right, altogether. Up to that point, I had no idea about infant chiropractic care... my friend explained to me that her son was experiencing similar issues and she was taking him to see Dr. Heaven. So we also gave it a shot! She was working with his little body to align it properly but also worked on him in a way that I can only describe as physical therapy-like. She also offered us suggestions to help work with him at home. Within 2 weeks, he was turning and laying on his head (both sides) with no issues. And within 2 months, you could see an extreme difference in his head shape.. no more flathead. If it wasn’t for getting the attention to it as quick as we did, as well as Dr. Heaven’s expertise, it may have gotten to the point of needing a helmet. Fortunately, we were able to address it before then. Another reason we love Dr. Heaven is because she is affordable, like actually affordable, and offers discounts to those serving in the military, first responders, etc. which is important since many normal insurances don’t offer chiropractic coverage. Her and her staff are deeply loved!


Dr. Heaven is incredible. I am really tricky to adjust but she has managed to find a way to adjust me efficiently but gently at the same time. I am extremely comfortable, relaxed, and confident on her table. Truly customized personal care. She is also Webster certified so she is the perfect fit for expecting mothers and newborns.

B. L.

I am pregnant with my first child and was referred for chiropractic care by my midwives, my doula, and my birth coach. I've had all my visits thus far with Dr. Heaven, who is just wonderful and so attentive. I appreciate how well she explains everything and provides proactive steps that I can take at home to increase the value of my adjustments. Baby has stayed in a great position for a natural delivery, and I've had a ton of relief from back aches, hip numbness, rib pain, and more. They're so easy to work with and I appreciate the genuine care they show for their patients. It never feels like an assembly line. Can't recommend enough, and we look forward to bringing in our newborn to keep him well after the birth.


Let me first just say, I was really scared to take my 3 month old baby to a chiropractor! This experience has been absolutely wonderful. Dr. Heaven is great with our baby. She is so sweet and gentle, nothing like what I thought chiropractic was going to be. We loved that she was experienced in not just adults, but infants, too! We went in to get help with neck stiffness and we were concerned with the flatness starting on our baby's head. She has done only 3 treatments and everyone around can notice a huge improvement in our baby! I would definitely recommend this place! They are amazing!


Dr. Londot is wonderful! I started seeing her when I was pregnant and she was a lifesaver, she came and adjusted me during my labor! Now my son (4 months) and I are patients and we both love our adjustments. I couldn't imagine going to a different doctor.


My daughter, since birth, has been not only struggling with reflux, but basically just feeling uncomfortable in her own skin. Heavenly Spines has been a true Godsend and helped her to feel not only more comfortable, but also be more confident in her development. Brings me joy to see my girl get some relief finally.


Dr. Londot is fantastic! Each visit, she was very thorough, spent extra time making sure to do everything she could to get me feeling better. She always has a smile and she truly cares about her patients. I am very active and before seeing Dr. Londot, I had to stop certain activities due to being in too much pain. She put together the perfect plan to get me back to my old self. Every day I have more energy and can do the things I truly love to do. Thank you, Dr. Londot!


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